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When I was born on April 10th, 1959 I knew right away "There is a lot to photograph in this world!" So many nice people everywhere, tons of toys and lots of animals. My wooden play camera was soon replaced with an actual camera with lenses and everything! The result of that is thousands of slides, which are still waiting to be digitized. During my career as a manager for apprenticeship and science teacher at a college in Switzerland, I was able to convince many of my students of what a great hobby photography is and also taught several photography courses there. In 2001 I immigrated to Canada with my family. We now own and run a successful guest ranch with horses in a beautiful, secluded area. It has been a lot of fun to welcome so many different guests here at the ranch. You can get an impression of it here:
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The heart of every photgrapher beats faster in a gorgeous area like this one. Beautiful landscapes present themselves right in front of the house during every season. Bears, moose, and wolves have already gotten their own names and happily look towards the camera every time they see me! Since we also offer wedding ceremonies at our guest ranch, I was always happy when I was hired as the photographer for this special event. We have had over 40 weddings here, and I am sure every couple has at least one picture taken by me hanging over their bed! I have also been hired at several weddings in other cities and enjoyed photographing ceremonies in different settings very much. Everybody has been very happy and satisfied with me capturing their special moments and the wonderful surroundings. For that reason, I have decided to offer photography more professionally. Many of the pictures I took of landscapes and animals are on this website to give you an overview of what I do. The collection will continuously be updated. It would be my pleasure to be your photographer for any special events including weddings, graduations and birthdays. Please feel free to contact me about any event you have coming up and I will try my best to suit your individual needs (email).
I take the pictures with Nikon D810 (105 mm Makro 2,8 VRll; 70-200 mm 2,8 VRll, 24-70 mm 2,8 ; 35mm 1,8 )